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Should I Just Scream!



Okay, enough about the exploits of my telephone problem -- I have much more to deal with than that if I put it in perspective! I awoke this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a double decker bus and then scraped up off the floor with a road sweeper's brush! All right that was a bit graphic and over the top but you know me?


My situation bears the fruit of no sympathy so I don't bother to mention that I had my head over the toilet for most of the day. It's like being pregnant all over again and I remember the first 3 months all too well. When the family come home, I'm my usual perky little self and I went about the rest of the day looking like I had an hangover.


As a nation of complainers other than the weather where there is much to complain about! I think we don't complain enough. I realise that if I had a full time job I would succumb to many injustices this wacky world has to throw at me! Am I a lone soldier, seeing as I'm home all day with nothing better to do than have a go at the institution? I just don't have rose tinted lenses, I'm afraid, and I can see around the corner much more clearly than most.


I knew I couldn't go any further without mentioning telecommunications. Yes! I have a mobile phone which confuses me each time it rings -- well it doesn't ring actually -- I have The Puddy Cat Dolls doing their stuff whilst I fiddle with the controls in order to answer.


Text messaging -- What is that? My daughter has lost the art of reasonable conversation and her spelling along with it. I always spend an unprecedented amount of time deciphering her words trying to make head or tail of it. I mean what does this mean: Mos cya L8tr @ cos, tb, lvya st lol? I need a book, it certainly isn't English! I lose patience just listening to the click, click, clickety, click as her fingers tap at breakneck speed on the keypad.


"Will you give it a rest you're jarring on my nerves!" Then it vibrates on the table which sounds a whole lot louder than it should. I ask her not to text me because if it's anything to do with picking her up from college -- by the time I've ingested and understood the words, I'll be late for sure!


Feeling better by the hour. I'll be fine before bedtime and then it will all start again tomorrow. Oh, I love my disease!


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