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Raynaud's Dance!



Rubbing my hands and stamping my feet -- no! I'm not doing a nursery rhyme dance but the Raynaud's Jig! I'd run on the spot but I'll give that a miss seeing as I'm stood right besides my car which is displaying a blue disabled badge -- what would the other drivers think of me:


"Oh yeah, bet those badges belong to someone else?"


Well I kind of wish they did and they can have this disease as well! I simply hate the cold but what choice do I have living on a rain soaked island that has forgot to order the sun. Pity it didn't forget to ask the rainman to cancel the last order!


You can probably tell that I'm about to moan again! Why not? it's all I seem to do these days, if it's not the weather, it's the institution! and if I hear the word credit crunch once more, It would be more than once too often.


Fact is, people are spending money everywhere as if to show the world that there is no shortage of dosh. The stores are full of seasonal stuff even though the outlook makes grim reading. My daughter still persists in asking for the latest gadget, which is constantly out of stock, much to the dismay of many who have resorted in placing their name on a list just in case there is a delivery. How do I know this? -- well I'm one of em! I thought those days were over but it seems they are not and I still find myself chasing my tail throughout November and December, hence the freezing extremities and risking pneumonia!


Back home, I sit beside the fire building the flames higher and higher. If I sat on top, I'd still feel as though I was on an ice cube. My whole body is cold and I mentioned to my hubby last night as we lay in bed that even my esophagus felt icy cold like I'd been eating extra strong mints. Of course he was so concerned that he cuddled me and offered to fill a hot water bottle -- not! He just turned over and continued to snore with a little grunt which showed he'd acknowledged my moan but wasn't that concerned!


I'm going out tonight --- oh no! Do I really want to? The answer is no, not at all. I can't be bothered getting ready or going outdoors again to some draughty pub and drinking fizzy liquids. I feel so odd asking for a coffee and I get some funny looks too.


"Hey this lady wants a hot drink -- get her! Comes to a pub and thinks it's a cafe, what a dweeb!"


Of course that's my over active imagination, but I don't think I'm far wrong. Everyone will be laughing at something which I just don't get! I'll join in and hope no one asks what I think because I don't know what I'm laughing about anyway. There was a time when I would have found a drunken observation highly amusing but all I do nowadays is sit there with eyes like dinner plates, hyper on caffeine! I'll arrive home, bouncing off the wall with self inflicted insomnia, and there goes my hubby snoring again!


I'm already making excuses, but I have to go because it's an important meeting. Perhaps I'll slip away early, right after the second round of nuts -- Mmmm, that sounds good to me!


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