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I awoke to find a big yellow thing in the sky. It took me a moment to recognise it and I almost reported it as being a UFO. Of course after the initial shock, I was pleased to put it down to the sun, Y'know that big orange star in our galaxy -- I presume it's a star and not a planet, least ways it's a star to me whenever it makes an appearance!

It made it's entrance today, right in time for the local market which was a complete wash out last week. I needed some material for a fancy dress that my daughter wishes to wear over the festive season. I don't know anywhere as cheap or of better quality that our little market so I was quite pleased when I saw the little man standing at the stall.


The trouble with market day is that it attracts so many people, especially if the sun is shining, that it's so difficult to park. I go early to avoid the rush but it seems no matter how early I arrive, the car park is always full and I have to walk a marathon to get there. Well, with my little car parked up further away than anticipated, I was quite miffed when I noticed I'd left my disabled badges at home, so now I had to walk to the ticket station to buy one which was another trek across the park. I sighed more than once and when I had to queue for the machine as well, my impatience grew ever thinner.


I needed to go to the bank for cash and then found myself in another queue. I had young lady behind me who was trying to cripple me with her baby's pram as she stuck her face in a book and rocked the baby to sleep. I let out a huge sigh and the people in front turned around and gazed at me to which I just gave half a smile and nothing else. By this time the back of my calf was becoming quite sore as the young lady rhythmically bumped it with the pram, much to my annoyance. I thought that if people moved forward slightly, she may just hang back a little but to no avail until finally she hit me so hard that my leg almost went from underneath me and with an apology she put down her book and stopped moving the pram back and forth.


I was next and just as the customer went away, so did the cashier, Arrgggh! I was in no man's land, not in the queue and stuck between an empty till and one which was about to become vacant -- should I quickly dash to that one? I thought. Too late the young lady with the battering ram was already there and I was left still waiting for the cashier to return! Finally she made her appearence with "Sorry" and then I had to move to one side as the battering ram and young lady squeezed past on exit. I got my cash along with numerous questions about who did my car insurance, life assurance and savings. I had no time to discuss my personal finances, so I just grabbed my money and left.


Back to the market and I managed to purchase the material. It had gone up slightly in price since I last enquired but I'd lost the will to live by now and the sanctuary of home seemed so welcoming.


At least the sun is still shining and I drove home feeling a bit frustrated but tingling with excitement as I planned my next project -- Pixie costume. I'd picked up numerous items from the local supermarket, a bag full of bread for us and the geese. I had four bags in total in the car and when I pulled up to the gate, I was greeted by a whole farmyard of animals.


I opened the gate and drove slowly up the drive. The geese were in front, goats at the side, dog at the back and the chickens were running everywhere! I couldn't get out of my car and Apple the grey female goat stared through the window but was more interested in the bags she could see on the back seat. I could see what was going to happen if I got the bags out, so I left the car and went indoors until they'd all lost interest.


I opened the front door with my key -- why I lock it, I don't know because I could just as easily come in through the gable end, but as I entered the phone was ringing and so was my mobile -- which do I answer first? I decided to answer my mobile because my phone had already rung 3 times and I only had two more rings before it went off, so I left it and answered my mobile. Whoever it was on the phone would probably ring back or leave a message I thought!


My hubby came home shortly afterwards for lunch and remarked there was no fire, no lunch and asked what I'd been doing all morning. Before I blew into a rage, he laughed as he saw how frustrated I was.


"Bad day dear?" he asked


Well at least the sun shone and still shines as I'm home alone thinking about getting my bags out of the car. With coast clear of animals I'll make a break and bring them in without being mobbed.


Strange! -- if it had rained my day would have been much more peaceful!

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