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Give Me A Cushy Job!



I'm not going to complain today -- I'm beginning to sound like a grouch! I should be contented with everything I have rather than have not! and I should be thankful that my condition is not as worse as others and that is a very good thought!


I have been rather busy though. I remarked to a friend that I would probably be better off at work and she agreed remembering her own time at home! I do much more than would be expected of me. Maybe it's the amount of work I do that keeps me well or away from dwelling about what's really going on!


I'm off to collect my Aunt from a nursing home today. I manage to see her every two weeks, the reason being she's so far away. My Dad moans "Your'e doing too much lady" but expects the same treatment as always, running up and down to his place and making sure he's okay. He's on the phone 14 times a day if not and the recent exploits with my phone just make my day unbearable.


I have my instructions for my daily routine. My daughter got out of the car this morning departing with the words "Three o clock today mum" and then swanned off into college, keeping her head down in the wind. I arrived home and negotiated the drive -- the best way of walking up it without slipping. It's so slippery due to the bad weather and dirty geese. I've fallen too many times lately and it's no fun believe me. By the time I've made it to the door, the goats have got there ahead of me and wait for bread, unmoving until they get some. So by this time I'm on auto pilot -- walk of fear, bread for goats and geese, let chickens out, make fire, feed the cat and do the housework!


The phone rings just as I make through the door with a request for shopping for my dad. I'll pick up whatever he needs on my travels and somewhere between here and there, I might just have time to connect my feeding regime, if not it's boiled sweets for me!


If I had a job, I'd know exactly where I was each day. I'd make time to do the things I needed to do because I wouldn't have time for anyone else -- does that make sense? Of course those jobs are few if any. Who would employ me for a start? It would have to be a 10am start, a sitting down job with frequent breaks, above average working temperatures, and a very understanding boss! Sounds ideal to me and I'd get paid for it! -- Give me a job!


Better get on with my day much to do, plenty to see!


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