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Just Manic!

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There I go again -- me and my big mouth! I can't help myself from volunteering my services for almost anything. I've got myself into cooking 100 chicken drumsticks, 200 sausage rolls and 200 vol au vents! What for? you may ask! Well it's our annual radio presentation evening for which I've been nominated for an award. Don't jump for joy for me because it's nothing too special, in fact everyone at the station gets one and without sounding ungrateful, I suppose I'd be upset if I was the only one without. So I shall accept with grace!


It's a community radio station with no funds to spare. We have to raise our own to keep going -- hence the buffet, cooked by me and others of course! It's a tricky operation and a bit underhanded because I'm meeting Carl our Jamaican DJ at the chicken stall -- hopefully he'll have a bag of drumsticks for me! He's making a curry, or in his words "I'ma Mackin-a corry" He's so sweet, I love him dearly and I can't wait to have a taste of his speciality. Of course that's all it will be but I'm looking forward to it all the same!


The Pixie outfit looks promising for this weekend's project. I've been a busy bee this week because sitting on my table is a cake for a baby naming ceremony which takes place on Sunday. Me and my big mouth again you see! "Oh I'll make your cake," without stopping to think that I may have enough on my plate, but that's just me!


Anyway, that's all done now and waiting to go and this weekend will see the last of my voluntary predicaments over and done with. I'll try to keep my big mouth shut, especially as it's getting close to December and I'm afraid that's just wild!


My daughter is convinced that I've lost my sanity! The geese turn me into a raging maniac in a morning. They chew my window bottom and nibble my door, much to my annoyance. The noise they make reverberates throughout the house and after listening to their constant honking -- I just lose my head! Yesterday they got to me so bad that I flew into the kitchen, grabbed the sink bowl, filled it with water and chucked it at them, shouting and screaming!


"Mum, calm down -- leave then alone!" my daughter pleaded, but I was on a mission and I had it in for the gander who by all accounts hates me and vice versa! The dog ran round in circles until one of the flock or gaggle, let's get it right, nipped her on the back and she shot under the car for safety. Well they all kicked off again just as if they were laughing and this infuriated me more. Of course when my hubby came home, he got an earful from me.


"Pen those insane critters up before I behead them all and roast them for dinner!" I exploded. "They make loads of mess and I'm scared to walk outside because it's so slippery!"


My hubby goes through life without a care and he just shrugged his shoulders and commented, "What can I do, poor little geese!"


Y'know he bought an electric guitar -- yes! electric guitar. What for? well to play at the festive family gathering. One problem though -- he can't play a note, neither can anyone else so we're going to end up in some noise with wannabe rock stars as well as my daughters electronic game and, of course the geese, if they're not sitting cooked on my table? All we need now is drums and we have a quartet since my daughter already has a keyboard. "Oh save me someone?"


This week has been hectic and I'm glad to see the back of it! Next Monday will be the start of a new me -- no volunteering, no getting stressed, being nice to my geese, goats, chickens, dog, cat and hubby, and being a good little wife sewing in the corner -- roses round the door? ------ NOT!, NOT!, NOT!

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