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What a week so far, please don't tell me it's Friday. I've pretty much sat around all week feeling sorry for myself and doing little about it! May I ask what to do if you have the worst toothache imaginable and your dentist can't fit you in for an appointment? Well, I decided to ride it out but then hit another major problem -- my feeding tube is blocked.


So I contact the hospital who in turn can't see me until today (Friday) Meantime I'm pacing the floor at night with what feels like someone ripping my face off and sticking a pole up into my brain. Oh me and my exaggerations but it's just how it feels -- agony!


I've always looked after my teeth until sclero decided to do it for me! Now my gums have receded and I think this is the problem. I was fine when the dispersable paracetamol was going in with ease down my tube but when it blocked I had a fountain of water and I leaked like an old bucket! I lay awake most of last night and the night before that, moaning and trying to bury my face in the pillow, but it throbbed relentlessly and I'm not an happy bunny!


My quest for today will begin with getting my tube sorted out at the hospital and then, I think, a face off with my dentist --- he either sees me now or I ain't going nowhere! I simply refuse to take any more of this pain when there is no need. My set appointment was for the 17th Dec anyway for a check up, so I can't see the problem. Surely a bit of overtime won't damage his huge pay packet and goodness knows I've contributed to that over the past two years. I think he sees pound notes in my fillings not mercury. By the time I die my mouth will be worth more than gold in scrap metal.


With the holidays creeping up behind me, I need to give myself some TLC. The festivities will not happen if I'm not at my best. I have 10 members of our very small family coming for dinner with not enough chairs to go around! I worry about seeting arrangements whilst my daughter puts things into perspective like, no gable end, slippy drive full of goose poo and with only one room useable for a gathering, well I think who's the sensible one here? I'm planning a meal, she's being methodical.


Looking out of the window reminds me to get my skates on, it's looking decisively seasonal. I'm having my second Raynaud's attack of the day and there's no way I'm going outdoors for fuel. The family are still in slumber and I'm waiting for the water to heat up for the bathtub. I'll have to be on my way up the very busy motorway soon -- not looking forward to a stressfull journey and an aching jaw! I'm not looking forward to all the jiggery pokery when I get there. All in all, lousy week!


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