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Hugs for Serena



Oh Serena! How I hate those days and cars that don't behave. I guess they need TLC too, only difference is they can be fixed -- we, on the other hand can't.


I've had those days too so you're not on your own. I mean C'mon how many out there haven't. It must be hard holding down a job on top of everything else and that kind of makes me glad that I opted out of the rat race some years ago. Of course it's different for me I suppose, the salary comes in no matter what, even if my contribution wouldn't feed the fish!


Sometimes I feel used and completely on the scrap heap. Not good enough to work but good enough to maintain family harmony, as long as I do my bit. I'm not excused from making dinner, even though I don't eat. If I ask for help with chores, I'm quickly reminded of my position -- I don't work!


If the car won't start -- it's probably my fault according to my husband, I mean, can you actually do anything other than turn the ignition on that would make the car die a death? If it won't start, it won't start, end of story! I hate the accusation that follows, usually it begins with "What have you done?" I'm tempted to resort to a hammer and chisel and stand ceremoniously over the engine and say!


"Oh I smashed a couple of things because it didn't start up first time"


Garage bills are always the result of my lack of maintenance and the last time my car was in the garage, that was my fault too! Someone reversed across the road and hit me -- so my fault for being there perhaps?


Yes I empathise very much with you. How do you cope, carry on, keep positive? The answer is you just do!


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