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Sorting out the attic was no easy job to do

Things we never knew we had, things old and new

The festive decorations in boxes full of dust

And even poor old reindeer, it's horns were full of rust


The house was looking boring as all the others shone

If we didn't get a move on the season will have gone

And though the lights were working, they were in a tangled mess

You'd need a degree in science or physics to straighten out no less!


My silly hairbrained hubby decided today to put them up

So with ladder under his armpit he dropped hammer on his foot

The lights were wrapped round his torso, like a fairy frock

I hope the electric's off coz he'd sure be in for a shock


He clung on to the gutters and placed each little light

"These should be a picture when I turn them on tonight"

His acheivement and satisfaction was written on his face

"They should be able to see these from somewhere out in space"


So now I have a light show, a grotto inside and all

My house like a wonderland but still no bloomin wall!

We could put a bit of tinsel around that great big hole

Perhaps a tree and presents and reindeer and a foal


We could have a festive gala a cabaret, a show

You can see our house for miles, through the gable end Y'Know!

Still, the geese will have a party, the chickens and goats too

Festive fun for everyone though they won't have a clue!


The indoor lights weren't working, we went through every light

Took them out and blew them and screwed them back up tight

They were lay across the living room you couldn't see the floor

But none of them did their bit so we'll have to buy some more


I do not know the difference between LED or not

And I couldn't remember the colour-- I simply forgot

Was I to get twinkly ones or ones that looked like snow

One's that did a million things that send you to and fro


Ones that flash like beacons and all at once go mad

They were the craziest display that we ever had

In fact the cat went silly as it watched from the floor

She was quite excited, till she could stand no more

She leapt to try and catch one but it got away

Kept her quite busy for the rest of the day


So off I went this afternoon to purchase some new lights

I'm really quite mesmerised by all the twinkly sights

I stood with finger on bottom lip wondering which to pick

I watched them go in and out and began to feel quite sick

It was all becoming silly and I had to choose a set

It was almost time for dinner and I hadn't been home yet!


Finally I saw them decision made they're mine

180 LED lights I think they will be fine

My hubby will be busy, as tonight we will switch on

A festive end to this year and one I'm glad has gone!


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