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I'm sick of queues -- The bank, shops, and car parks! Has no one got anything better to do than stand around or panic buy. I found myself trudging the market for jerusalem artichokes, finally finding them tucked away in an unlikely last resort high street shop. No doubt there will be a national shortage of carrots, brussel sprouts and gravy browning by next week and every frozen turkey replaced with empty spaces all because some folk think that if they can't get a fresh one, an old tough frozen bird will do.


Last year I was frantically trying to find cornflour for a sweet sauce only to get home washed out, with tired aching feet and a sunken heart. Then, would you believe, I had two packets of the stuff at the back of the cupboard! This morning was particularly frustrating because I'd got up extra early to catch the bargains, only to be taken short on the way to town. I diverted my vehicle in what became an emergency and raced for home. My stomach churned, and then I was off again! By the time I'd got to town -- no parking spaces, urghh! and a spotty faced gentleman took the only one left -- he snuck past me and stole it from under my eyes. The word gentleman did not come to mind!


I drove around for a while all the time I was foolishly thinking all the bargains would have gone by now! So what does that make me -- as bad as all the rest I'd say! All I wanted was something for my friend who has everything, my daughter who has nothing (in her assumption) and my hubby who insists he doesn't want anything every year and who is first downstairs on the 25th shaking all the presents and searching through the gift tags. He mumbles "Mmmm socks, pyjamas, slippers!" Why do I bother to wrap them?


I'll get the usual cookery book by yet another celebrity chef, all very acceptable since I enjoy cooking but rather insulting that I can't eat! I may get chocolate Brazil nuts, great sucking all the chocolate off and no, my hubby does not eat the nut as my friend once suggested!


Nowhere near finished my shopping and I have to say that I'm so unprepared this year.


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