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Putting On The Layers

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If there was ever a painted winter scene -- I'm looking at it through my window right now! Lovely as it looks, it's an absolute no,no and one only to be admired through glass and in front of a roaring fire!


I flatly refused to take my daughter to college this morning as there was simply no need, in view of my hubby having the day off. I stayed in bed, nice and warm, listening to my hubby scrape the ice off the car -- what a thought! My hands almost went into spasm just thinking about it. I guess winter is well and truly here!


First job upon rising, was to light the fire of course! So I dressed quickly, dashed downstairs passed the open gable, Brrrr! and into the front room. The fire was partially lit from last night so it took no time to get going again. I'm sitting here like a present in a pass-the -parcel game, layers of clothes that restrict my movement but keep me as warm as toast.


I smile to myself each time I meet someone who I haven't seen for a while. "My, you've put on weight since I last saw you-- are you feeling better?" they ask!


The truth of the matter is that I haven't put on an ounce, just layers but I just smile and tell then that perhaps I have! I'm contemplating going in the kitchen -- no mean feat I can tell you. Without the heating on it's like an igloo, well it is the room next to the open plan wall. I swear that the cups are so cold that you always get a lukewarm coffee and I have been warming the cups in the oven before now, much to the amazement of my hubby who thought I'd finally gone round the bend -- cooking the cups! Of course when I explained he understood but I think he has doubts about me none the less!


Fingers going numb, time for a warm drink before going out later, gift shopping!

Fire looks okay, feels okay too. Even extra layers today!

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