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Chasing Goats

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I cannot run, it's hard to walk but yet the need is must

Chasing goats all over the place you couldn't see em' for dust

They ate the pen and all the fence and off they went together

Despite my frugal attempts my efforts failed to tether


They ran up the road like they were in a race

Determination upon their face

They'd seen some ivy at the top of the hill

So they chewed on it and had their fill


Many folk came to my aid

Most of em' were quite afraid

A herd of goats with horns to match

They were drawing straws which one to catch

Max is the leader and sometimes brash

He butts his head with a crash

I have to run with my keys

Before he gets me on the knees


I'm feeling tired and it's no wonder

Every fence they got under

So now I'm going off to bed

I think they consider themselves fed

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