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I have what's left of tonight and what little time I will have after work tomorrow to clean the house for dad's visit. There is a list as long as my arm of stuff to do. I will have to shave it down and prioritize it into a list as long as my pinky for the amount of time and energy I actually have to get anything done.


1. unclog master bathroom sink

2. clean master bathroom

3. reclean boys' bathroom

4. wash dishes

5. mop kitchen floor

6. clean out Betsy

7. make up bed for dad

8. finish laundry - wash/fold/put away


That's about as long as my pinky right there. But there's also the holiday stuff I have to think about too....


1. menu plan

2. grocery shop

3. finish gift making

4. wrap gifts

5. purchase stamps & mail cards

6. have flowers sent to grandma


I am officially overwhelmed. How did time get by me this year? I usually start holiday planning the first of October because my oldest's birthday is in December too. I put his birthday party off until January this year so I really don't have any excuse for procrastinating all my chores other than maybe pure laziness - oh wait! No such thing as laziness for a sclerodermian. I am pacing myself! That's right. We have that privilege as sclerodermians to eliminate the word "lazy" in any form from our vocabulary when referring to ourselves.


So here I sit, pacing myself, and pacing myself, and pacing myself.....

And not knowing where to even start; I started procrastablogging. :P


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