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Oh! I shouldn't of eaten that, I knew that from the start

This pain that burns inside my chest closest to my heart

But this isn't heartburn, it's just a common name

It's sometimes called dysphasia but it hurts all the same

I need some kind of medicine to put this fire out

But I can't find the tablets, there's none of them about


I climb high upon my pillows and gaze up at the moon

I'll stay like that for hours, it'll be the morning soon

That horrible tasting acid, that nasty bitter taste

I ate a piece of forbidden fruit in total careless haste

And now I'm paying a pretty price for being a silly fool

But that piece of chocolate candy was making me kind of drool


It's 3am in the morning and I'm still wide awake

My judgement on the chocolate bar was such a huge mistake

I can taste the bitter sweet acid and the burning rages on

And I won't sleep till daylight, until the burning's gone

I breathe in deeply to try and cool the fire

But nothing seems to work for me, I put the pillows higher

Soon I'll be sat upright, I might as well get up and read

I really want to go to sleep, this problem I do not need


The sound of the dawn chorus tells me that it's morn

I feel like I've been up all night tattered and feeling torn

The only good thing about it is, the burning's finally gone

But I'm so tired physically and a wink of sleep not one

My family dash around the room to go about their day

I haven't even got the strength to wave them on their way

That piece of chocolate gave me grief and I guess I'm sorry now

And in the bin the rest goes in, a relief to throw it somehow


Tonight I'll be a good girl and I'll finally get some sleep

As I collapse into a comfy chair and stay there in a heap

Boy I feel so tired and I ain't doing the round

This little piece of silence is the best that I have found

Please keep me away from the chocolate and from the biscuits too

I do not want another night that keeps me awake straight through


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