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New Year -- New Hope!

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Much has happened in the past week. Festivities, family gatherings, and yet so little to write about! It's all been the usual traditional event and quite honestly I'm glad it's all over because at least now we can move on and look forward to spring, although looking out of my window this morning it still looks like mid winter! The old shippon is white over and the yard is rock solid, I can even see the gander's breath each time he honks -- so I'm staying indoors today.


It will be the usual array of folk in town buying copious amounts of veg and bread from the market. New year is just a couple of days away. I can't understand the panic. The shops will close for one day only, and ask if I'm guilty of panic buying too and I will invariably say yes! There's something about a crowd of people round a stall that brings out the prehistoric fight for survival in me. Am I missing something perhaps? or is it greed, selfishness or curiosity? Well whatever it is I'm there, I feel I may be missing a bargain!


You have to be honest -- Have you never done it? I'm sure you're as guilty as me, Raynaud's or no Raynaud's I love a bargain. I'll buy almost anything with a degree of excitement. Then by the time I get home, I realise how stupid I've been and then go about hiding the thing from my hubby. I once had a mad spree on toilet rolls. We had so many of them in the cupboard that I couldn't get anything else in. They lasted almost a full year and the day we ran out ---- no one could believe it!


I won't be shopping for bargains today, as I said before I'm not going out. The New year will come and go and I'm hoping that 2009 will at least see the completion of my home but I've said that before so watch this space as they say!


I hope everyone has a wonderful, or as wonderful as can be, 2009. Lets face it, it couldn't get much worse -- could it?

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