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2009 --- Urgh!

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So, into the new year! Hard to tell where it ended and where it began really, except for the midnight chime and a sky full of fireworks, you'd have hardly noticed the difference in our household. We stayed up -- for what? Twelve o'clock came and went and then shortly after we went to bed. I'd decided early on that I wasn't for partying neither at home or elsewhere, after all what's to celebrate? Another year of much the same or worse and although I sound like a messenger of doom, it's hard not to when the media tell us of impending gloom for 2009. This year will go down in history as the Credit Crunch era -- there's little hope out there.


We had our good times they tell us. Spend, spend, spend, easy credit, upward spiralling house prices -- cheap loans! Wait a minute, this is our fault because ....?

Just because the banks have been so greedy with our money -- we're at fault? Anyway so much for the world's financial problems -- what about us? Will they find a cure perhaps? Will they give us social security, help with heating costs, I think not! So is 2009 a year of hope as well as gloom, we'll see!


So January is under way and my daughter back at college. She got pretty much everything she asked for over the festive season and now she has her eyes glued upon February and on a dress hanging ceremoniously in one of the most expensive shops in rip off Britain! She'll be eighteen and I take a deep breath upon saying that. Has it really been eighteen years? No doubt my hubby's wallet will take a pounding over the next few weeks and grandad is already being buttered up with her soft pleading eyes as they wander over to the shop window and the pretty little number with her name pencilled on it.


I could have got a full wardrobe of clothes for the price she'll pay for one item. The need to wear something different each time she goes out is testament to her fashion conscience and appearance. The fact she'll be going out more often and legally into the club scene not only worries me but scares me stiff, remembering what I was like; now that's scary!


She'll get the dress no doubt. She already has a meal in the local Indian Restaurant booked for herself and 11 friends, we're footing the bill of course! So in credit crunch Britain we're probably propping up the economy for the early part of the year. I'm so glad I only have one child and although she's spoiled, she's not a brat or behaves like a spoiled screaming child; perhaps she doesn't have to, but she will accept that no means no, thankfully!


This morning the ground is as hard as concrete and the roads are simply treacherous. The bend on the hill directly outside my entrance is like a skating rink. I tried to climb the hill with my car this morning only to skid sideways, much to the amusement of an oncoming van whose driver did nothing but laugh as my wheels spun. I had the last laugh as he slid the rest of the way almost into the field. I've had much amusement from watching cars waltz down the hill and although I may sound sadistic, they ought to know better! This road is used as a rat run which probably takes a minute or so off their destination. The road is dangerous in normal conditions and when you get huge wagons taking a short cut, taking up the entire road width, it's an accident waiting to happen. If I didn't reside here I'd take the main route for fear of meeting one of these juggernaut lorries and since the road is never treated with salt, it's not worth the risk!


Well I've done some moaning in this blog and as I read through I paint a picture of an old misery gut which I like to think I'm not. Maybe I'm turning into one!


Hurry up 2009 and get over with but please be gentle!

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