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Ice Cold



Yikes! Seventh of January already and not a pot washed, as my gran would say! The week's been pretty bad weather wise and I had a very sulky teenager at home yesterday on account of being ice bound and confined to barracks. For most of the day she sat at the computer scanning the chat service for friends online. Of course most of them were at college except for her and the number of text messages she received was mind numbing.


Her mobile vibrated like a demented bee in a tin can. It drove me to the point of despair at one point, followed by "Why do we have to live here?" She was referring to our situation and the fact that we were probably the only family in the entire world to be ice bound. "I'll never catch up with my assignments" she moaned!


I had to remind her that it was only one day and if she resented staying home with mum so much then perhaps it was time to become independent, to which she retorted with a chorus of, "I love you, but..........!" Thankfully the rain came, and I can never remember being glad to see the old wet stuff fall, but it cleared the ice and she made it to college today -- hurrah!


My home is like a junk shop with decorations heaped in a bundle on the chair and on the floor. The boxes are way up in the attic, so before I can pack them away they need to come down. I hate this part of the festive season. Everyone joins in the trimmings but are reluctant to put them away. I guess the tree will have lost all of its needles before it gets chucked out and I'll be sweeping them up until July.


Back to the dentist this morning. My tooth is nowhere near right and hasn't been since I last went when he told me nothing was wrong with it. He doesn't fill me with confidence at all but I'm not leaving until he takes a good look. I'm a walking paracetamol bottle and I'm not putting up with it any longer.


Better get along. My fire won't get going no matter how much wood I put on it. It's freezing in here and I'll be glad to get in my car with the heater on.


At least it's raining!


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