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This week



My cat decided it was time to take down the holiday decorations - at 5am this morning. Then he serenaded me with my son's guitar. Why did I decide it was a good idea to get a cat?


We had a windstorm this week that blew my glass top patio table over and shattered it. I stood at the kitchen window and watched it happen. It was like slow motion. Nothing I could have done to stop it. Surprisingly, I wasn't all that upset about it. I'm sure I will be when summer comes and I'm eating out of my lap. I was mostly perplexed about how in the world I was going to get a million pieces of glass out of my grass. When I came home from work on Tuesday it was all cleaned up! Two of my dear sweet neighbors had come over to walk the dog, saw the mess and cleaned it up for me. Now what do I do to deserve such precious people in my life?


Had the day off Wednesday. Really nice to have a day off in the middle of the week to take care of business that can't otherwise get done on the weekend, and nice to do it without kids. But a midweek day off just means I'm working Saturday but that's okay other than the fact that it's Thursday and I haven't arranged childcare yet.


Got my 2007 tax return back (long story, don't ask!) so after going for months without any food in the house I went to the warehouse store and stocked up. When I saw, for the first time, the checkout gals loading a pallet cart for me, I was frightened of my total! Just under $300 with a coupon. Shouldn't have to go back for a very long time. Also got caught up on all my bills. Feels good but still broke.


Well back to work today gotta go......


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