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Loss Of Wisfaom!



Huge sigh!---- This life can be the pits and there's me thinking that humour cures all. I guess I'm disillusioned with the world and the first week of the new year promises little hope of a bumper bright 12 months -- Why do I hate January?


It always seems that January has it in for me. Anything bad that ever happened to me has always been in the first month of the year! Pneumonia, gastric problems and pneumonia again, all happened at the beginning of the year! Deja - vu you could say because today I'm losing my wisdom tooth. Oh not to decay or anything as simple or as understandable as that, but due to my age according to my dentist! --- I'd hate to be his wife -- and if it were that simple then I'd take it lying down so to speak.


I have a fracture -- really! So when was I ever qualified to tell a dentist what was wrong with my tooth? He flatly refused to X-ray or suggest anything wrong with my tooth. I'm wearing the stupid thing so I should know! Finally he succumbed to my firm stance and found that it was fractured and infected just as I'd described. To make the pain worse, he's going to charge me for the diagnosis!


My daughter wants to go shopping seeing as we're in town. Can you imagine how I'll look? Mouth full of blood, frozen and probably in shock? I should think the shop assistants will think I've been dug up or I'm on the wrong side of October and due to enter a fancy dress!


With the prospect of the day looming, I'm about to jump in the bathtub. Hopefully my cares will soak away and there's always rubber ducky to confide in!


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