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Driving Firsts!



Waving with a huge lump in my throat as I watched my daughter disappear up the hill on her first driving lesson. I remembered with a sly smile, my first lesson oh so many years ago! I shared her nervousness as we stood anxiously waiting for the instructor to arrive. Her documents in hand and pacing up and down like it was her driving test never mind first lesson!


Finally, he arrived in a blaze of colour. The car plastered with "L"s with the name of the school painted down one side.


"Oh mum -- he's here!"


"Go on -- get in, you'll be fine"


A huge man opened the door with an equally huge smile. "Hello love, my you're a little one, we'll need a cushion," he joked!


My daughter wasn't impressed by his observation I could tell as she leered at me before climbing into the passenger seat. A few moments later they climbed the hill and were out of sight. I returned to my home, fighting off goats who'd all arrived to see the action, and then I sat wondering and hoping she'd enjoy the experience and not come home with a frustrated face or a degree of disappointment. I watched the clock -- two hours would go quickly I thought but as I write it may as well be an eternity.


She will become 18 in two week's time. A milestone reached and a new era about to begin. This could be the start of her independence as she goes out into the world a woman and not my little girl. It's difficult to let go, to realise that she no longer needs my approval or guidence, hoping she'll have enough sense to face a tough world out there. The jigsaw almost finished and the final piece about to fit.


Twenty minutes to go and I wait with optimism. Will she love the driving experience or will she hate it? All will be revealed when the clock strikes 3.


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