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Chewing The Fat!



I truly believe that my life is an open book. Every day a page to be written. I can't imagine anyone's life to be dull or boring, yet people ask if I get bored or lonely living on a farm with just geese, goats and chickens to keep me company when my family are out about their business I'd say keep me on my toes actually because every day they keep me active with one thing or another. If it's not the local do-gooder or some frustrated motorist telling me that the goats have wandered by the wayside, it's an hardened rambler who dares not tread my land for fear of a butt or two or a nip from my vicious gander who just loves to splat his stupid feet in the mud hot on the heels of some fleeing and usually frightened person.


It all adds up to brighten the day somehow. I'm sure we're the talk of the village and so what? I'm a country girl born and bred and I know the way things are and how they should be, it's not all jodphurs, wellies, wax jackets and Land Rovers you know!


Take yesterday when the neighbour of some 3 fields away shouted over my gate for a chat. She's old stock and by that I mean -- farmer of some experience and birth. Her two large Great Danes as tall as herself peering over my gate with a certain interest in my goats who were peering back with just as much curiosity. Cruffs champions those dogs but I can't get Scooby Doo out of my head! We chewed the fat and agreed that all is not well in the country especially when the idiot in the red sports car screached around the bend turning the conversation from the weather to shaking fists, frightening the dogs and scattering the goats. I couldn't count on both hands the amount of interest shown by passing motorists in two huge dogs standing at my gate. At one point I thought we were going to witness a pile up.


We both remembered back to a time when there was perhaps only one vehicle passing throughout the whole day and they'd even stop for a chat because you could bet your life you knew them. Nowadays people need to get from A to Z and they don't care how they do it! Even the old ramblers stopped for a while with much respect for the countryside. If you asked for them to keep their dog on a lead because the animals may get scared if they run around, it wasn't problem and actually I can never remember asking because they had the sense to realise that their animal was not the only critter on the field. Cows, goats, sheep or any other farm animal are not domesticated. Try asking the same today and you're met with a torrent of abuse and dog owners that encourage their animal to chase anything that moves.


Putting the world to right was topic of conversation over the gate. So few of us left and so little of unspoiled countryside. Land is precious and they don't make any more of it. I can see residential estates on the horizon, swallowing up farm land for riches. I'm beginning to sound like my gran but boy! was she right. I can predict my land will become residential in the next few years and what will I do then---- Should I tell you? Come close I'll whisper (Crete) Sssssh! Yep, We'll be off and won't come back. A little villa or a huge villa perhaps. I can picture myself living off milk shakes and Tsatziki!

Pipe dreams maybe but what else would you do? I can't see myself hanging around with a million eyes peering at me over the lawn. We have enough trouble from the odd walker never mind a whole estate.


All we can do is hope that we're left alone even if our values are not quite the same


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