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Such Is Snow



Woke up this morning to a blanket of snow -- a gentle reminder that winter is still with us! Huge flakes fell yesterday but melted as they hit the ground. January can be a hard month and I have a daft goose nesting on the wall. Still, pancakes on the menu or custard tarts are looking ever likely!


The goats stood in a group with sad expression. It was almost like they blaming me for the snow. I mumbled "What can I do about it?" before I went indoors to a nice warm fire made in the early hours.


The house is cold and somewhat uninviting. Of course I can't help but mention my lack of a gable end, lets not forget that! The stairs run adjacent and open to the elements. No wonder I cross my legs till bursting before I dare take a trip to the bathroom. Can you imagine the problems of taking a bath? I've got undressed so quickly on many occasions, that I've climbed in the tub with my knickers and socks still on. It's sanctuary to slip down in the water but grief getting out!


My hopes lie with a decent summer or at least a dry one. I can't remember one day without rain last year and when it did stop, my hubby was at work and unable to fix my gable -- that rhymes! If there was ever a rhyme to write about this one -- no wall at all, it's a pain in the rain, my sanity I fear if it happens this year! Yeah! I know babbling on as usual!


My hubby bought a new truck -- yes, new truck! It arrives on friday. We traded old jalopy in for a new sleek model in black. It's not as big as the other but at least I will be able to drive it and it's a four wheel drive which means I'll make it up the hill when icy and hubby can take it over the fields. My daughter was dismayed to find it only has 2 seats but showed little interest in the other one, in fact her words were "I wouldn't be seen dead in that." The horror of collecting her from college in a scrap truck, was too much for her to bear. We never did, pick her up that is, Lady Steph always comes home in style!


Car insurance companies have had a ball with us this week. Have they no scruples at all? -- Have you ever tried to insure a young inexperienced driver, and a truck at the same time? The quote came back more expensive than the car is worth! To say she may be a liability is an understatement of the year! I'm sure Rolls Royce would be cheaper. No wonder they are queuing up for your business!


At least the sky is blue. It's market day in town but I'm giving it a miss -- too cold for me. I'm making Chicken Broth with barley and dumplings. I can almost hear the groan when my daughter comes home. "Gruel again" Sounds like Oliver! but she won't be asking for more I shouldn't think!


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