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Five Lessons and a Gripe



Lesson #1: Just because the phone rings doesn't mean you have to answer it.....especially when you are asleep on the couch and jumping up to answer it means that half way across the livng room, your knee will give out and send all 190 (okay 200!) pounds of you flying at top speed into the wall and when you reach out to catch yourself on the window sill, your elbow will buckle leaving the telephone stand to break the rest of your fall onto your ribcage.


Lesson #2: Just because the base of your left thumb swells to the size of an egg and you can't move it, doesn't mean it's broken.


Lesson #3: Just because your ribs don't hurt that much today, doesn't mean they won't hurt a lot tomorrow.


Lesson #4: When the doctor says soak your toe 3x/day, do it.


Lesson #5 Just because your ribs hurt a lot tomorrow, doesn't mean they won't be unbearably painful the day after that, rendering you nearly immobile and unable to laugh, sneeze, cough, clear your throat or breathe!




Gripe #1: Regarding flourescent bulbs - When I turn a light switch on, I want to see right now, not 5 minutes from now! (but in the name of conservation, I guess I can cope <_< )


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