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My little stint on the radio waves has gained enough publicity for me to be recognised as a local celeb----- Me!--- a celeb, I ask you? It's a bit un-nerving being identified in a shop as "The dish of the week." I therefore wonder if they feel disappointed in my appearance being that all they know me by is voice alone!


It's not my intention to have attention, if you know what I mean, and now they're talking about me being poached by a larger commercial station. They, of course being the ones in the know, already know that my little slot is rather unique and although not intended I've made a good little spot for myself.


They know nothing about the fact that I can't eat a morsel of anything I make. Ironic don't you think? But my love of cooking has never grown out of me so to speak and if I can spill the family's secret recipes for the good of promoting home cooking then so be it! So many people don't know how to create a simple dish and strange though it may seem, many don't want to know either.


My own daughter has no interest in culinary arts. She'll lick her lips with the very thought of dinner, yet has no idea how it ended up on the table. I've tried to teach her but something goes on in her head and the domestic cell switches off. It saddens me when she asks how to make a poached egg and it's all the more worrying when you know she means it!


So much fast food and probably too much choice is to blame. The humble fish and chip take away which was more of a treat than a family meal, has become a statistic in the fast food chain. My gran would buy a portion of fish and chips on a Saturday evening only if we were hungry after the main meal which was very rare in fact. She'd be so proud of my accolade and I owe her a great debt because although she will never know it, she taught me all I know and the importance of sitting down around the table to a home cooked dinner and all the trimmings.


My family take it for granted that a hot meal will be waiting for them when they come home. Okay, they moan sometimes when it's not exactly what they fancy, but it gets eaten anyway.


My daughter came home from college with a tale that made me think. She told me that her friends challenged her about her diet when she declined to eat chocolate or sweets before lunch. Have we really lost the plot? "No wonder you're thin," they said and I said, "Well it's no wonder they are overweight then." It wasn't meant to be sarcastic, just realistic and so typical of the youth of today.


Well with Brownie points stamped on my rather smug face and the realisation that someone asking for my autograph is so bewildering that I'd better sign off and practise my signature.


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