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Old Friends!

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I opened my mailbox and what did I see

A face I once knew - a friend of the family

It's been so long since we last met

Had such great times you never forget

Had such fun and our kids have grown

My how those years have simply flown


We travelled for miles each weekend free

Loaded cars with kids, daft were we

Pulling a trailer behind in which to live

Not a care in the world we would give

Come hail or shine on a muddy site

With boots and raincoats through rain we'd fight


Many nights beside the fire

Planning our trips before we'd tire

And the very next day we'd up sticks and go

Ending up where we didn't know

With screaming kids and toilet trips

And filling their faces with fish and chips


The wine flowed free as the sun went down

Happy laughter in your dressing gown

And poor old Kate with her stuffy ways

Fell in the mud, in a tipsy haze

And the school teacher waits as the kids returned

With stories of weekends and what they had learned

For many had never seen the open sea

Or been on safari, sat outdoors with tea

We'd been up mountains and boats, on a train

And been round the hillside again and again


I'm meeting my friend this week you see

I can't wait to see her or her to see me

Can't wait to hug those children, teenagers now, oh my!

What memories linger and days you can't buy

I feel so excited and yet so full of regret

It's taken so long to have finally met.

10 years older --- Oh I'd rather forget!

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