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Daft Dog

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Carefully walking back to my house -- note I said carefully because the whole yard is a slippery mess! I had a sense of pure enragement aimed at the little dog who trotted alongside, head in air and looking oh so pleased with itself. It's becoming an embarrassment and at the same time a nuisance beyond description.


My daughter waited for her driving instructor to arrive. The dog followed us to the gate and began barking almost immediately -- yap, yap,yap! all the time. You couldn't hear yourself think and no amount of "stay, shush, SHUT UP!" would calm the flea ridden thing to silence.


The instructor arrived, the dog barked even louder and then began to run around his car playing catch - me - if - you - can! Yap, Yap! By this time there was a line of traffic stopped in the commotion and a very bewildered instructor wondering whether or not to move off or stay put until I managed to grab the little mite. Of course I never attempted to catch it, the last time I did that I nearly put myself back in hospital with a ravished percutaneous tube that the dog latched onto with its paw. The instructor moved off carefully, the dog ran in circles, first round the front and then round the back. He sped up the hill with the dog chasing the wheels and now cars were stopped in both directions.


It trotted back down the hill right in the middle of the road. I screamed "Get in here!" so many times that I lost my voice. Such trauma because of a little Jack Russell Terrier. I needed a swift cup of tea for shock once indoors and the geese kicked off because they missed out. My daughter will come home with such shame and repeat her hatred of all things farm. If it's not the goats creating havoc it's the other lot.


Peaceful countryside it is not!

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