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Deja Vu



If there was ever a snowman wishing and hoping to be built, his chance would come today. Several inches of snow fell overnight and I awoke to a winter wonderland. Pretty though it may seem, it's an accident waiting to happen. I cannot believe some folk! It would perhaps add a couple of minutes to their journey to take the long way around. Why do they take the chance of ending up in my wall or on the garden, field or ditch? It's senseless!


Thank goodness for my hubby's new truck. It was worth every penny he paid for it this morning. My car just loves to skate and is quite hopeless in winter conditions. My hubby slipped his truck into 4x4 mode and shot up the hill like he'd been fired from a cannon. All well and good since it's my daughter's 18th birthday today and the need to see her friends at college was absolutely the only reason she was up and about at 5.30 this morning. Ironic that her 18th should be marked with the same weather conditions as the day she was born and I recall a frantic dash to the hospital in the snow. It's kind of history repeating itself. We had an old clapped out car prior to her birth and the most sensible thing we ever did was to buy a brand new vehicle the day before she was born. Of course we didn't know that she would make an appearance the following day, she wasn't due for another week, so perhaps it was fate.


The sun appears over the hill, against quite an eerie backdrop of grey heavy clouds and ghostly trees covered with a clothing of snow. My front window an image of winter with snow falling and in my rear window a vision of spring. My fire is leaping up the chimney and I look like I'm about to attempt the ski slopes with my layers of clothing and heavy boots. My day will be spent in one room only, the others are so uninviting. I'm restricting my need for coffee and delaying my trip to the bathroom for that's a climb up Everest itself. I'm sure the goats spent the night in my unfinished dining room, the cat certainly spent the entire evening in the bathroom. Living so close to nature is not my idea of home comfort but it's all I have at the moment. I know I say this again and again but we need to finish the house this year without exception. Having a hole the size of the Arc de Triomphe in my gable isn't good, although we've had plenty reasons not to finish, and good ones at that! This year will hold no bounds, no excuses, no matter what happens, completion is on the agenda.


My fire dies down, my time on this blog will have to end. My inevitable Raynaud's attack will happen as I pick up the logs to place on the fire, so whilst my fingers are not in use I may as well make a hot drink and suffer the consequences!


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