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Time Will Tell! Barefut

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Y'know, I empathise with Barefut's blog on Time. How right is she? You could be my shrink any day! "Time don't give me time," is actually the words of a song back in the 80's from a guy who's fallen slightly from grace in his latter years.


The Greeks have the best philosophy of time I know -- there's always tomorrow! And whilst we constantly need to know what time it is throughout the day, it suddenly occurs to me that time actually rules your life.


The Greeks have little concept of time actually. They eat when they feel hungry, shut up shop at mid day because the sun governs their working hours not the clock. They eat late at night in a huge family group. If you order a meal, don't expect one course straight after the other. They graze on food, unlike us who spoon in every mouthful like it's the last meal you'll ever eat -- Ooops! I forgot that that actually happened to me on the flight home from Greece. An unrelishing flight meal of plastic sausage, rubber egg, mushy beans and something that was meant to be bacon all served in a tin tray with plastic knife and fork. You'd have thought that the last meal you ever ate would have to be memorable, well it was in more ways than one!


Looking at the time ticking on the wall and listening to the chime, one, two, three! My daughter will be home shortly after completing her 4th driving lesson. The less said about this subject the better! I've never felt so inadequate sitting in a situation where your flesh and blood takes the wheel, drives to a roundabout and stops, refusing to go around it. Even worse when she began to cry. No amount of coaxing would encourage her to move but we took solace in the fact she was displaying L plates on the vehicle in case the traffic jam behind thought we were having a picnic.


I hope the instructor has more luck this afternoon. Speaking of time, I wonder how long it's taken to get her through town. Mmmmm, time will tell!

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