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Cat On Hot Bricks!



There are times of the day that I just have to sit down. The term "cat on hot bricks" reverberates in my head because that's what my gran always said!


"You're like a cat on hot bricks dear -- sit down!"


Fact is, I find sitting quietly a major problem. When I do sit down I write a blog and even then I'm up and down like a Yo-Yo.


The mornings pass so quickly, mainly due to the fact I'm out and about on my travels, firstly to college, my dad's place and then possibly the corn mill for goat feed, like this morning although my mission was not only for goat feed but to look on the notice board for ferrets! My hubby has been banging on about the millions of reasons why we need them -- I'm not convinced by any of them. Don't ferrets smell? Are they the same thing as a polecat? Whatever group they belong to I can see myself screaming, "Get off!" when the little darling sinks its teeth into my finger. Just one more animal to add to the dangerous farm animal list.


I've just got over the shock of goats and geese, they all attack in one way or another. If you don't get challenged by Max the inquisitive with his party trick of walking on two legs, then it's the gander whose neck stretches out to nip you slapping his stupid big feet in the mud, and oh yes! The mud is a challenge too!


Far away from the world of mud and poo, there's a little world of quaintness, one which I hope to live to see! That statement may sound a bit dramatic but the way we're going I'll probably be on my last legs before completion.


The farm yard needs urgent attention. If I skid half way across it once more I'll be an expert on the ice. So with my constant nagging, sometimes it does work! We set off to view some rather grand gates, y'know the ones that resemble Her Majesty's at Buckingham! I was in awe with the selection of designs and of course in true womanly fashion -- I chose the biggest, most ornate and dare I say most expensive pair on display. Making enquiries inside the most interesting showroom I've ever been in, I Oooo'd and Arghed! at all the little trinkets.


It's the first time I've ever been to an ironmongery factory. It was packed to the rafters with beautiful iron spiral staircases and little buckets, door furniture, in fact you name it, they had it! Whilst Steve gave measurements, I wandered around marvelling at all the things that would look ever so nice in my home. By this time, I had several items in my hand when Steve called me over.


"Oh no,I was warned about this," he said. "I was told not to bring the wife by the friend that told me about the place. It will cost you a fortune -- and look!"


The woman laughed as I appeared with a coal bucket, fire irons, and a huge grin, much to my hubby's horror.


"What do you want on your gates?" she asked.


"What can I have?"


"You can have anything, even the name of your farm."


"What about Zoo or Menagerie?" I said rather sarcastically.


My hubby butted in, "We'll have no name, just roses and flowers"


So that was it, roses and flowers. 12ft high 22ft span, beat that your Royal Highness, I thought!


So with the gates sorted our next plan is the yard. Maybe the gable will get some attention too but every job we need doing needs doing now! Sometimes I think I'll never see it all completed. Oh, well, I'm kind of used to living in a half-completed house, slippery courtyard among my mad menagerie.


Roll on summer!


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