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Watching The Postman!



Another mad weekend. Am I the only person in the world with such a hectic family life? Answers on a postcard please!

My parent's have gone on holiday to Wales and my daughter's on holiday from school, are they ever at school these days? Anyway, my hubby's taken my car to work, ****! that's my freedom gone this week.

I have three Pygmy goats coming later this week, Boy! that will be fun. Firstly we have nowhere to put them, secondly I don't know how they're getting here, and on Saturday we had a huge delivery of building materials ever. I'm determined to push my hubby into finishing this ###### house for winter. I never thought that the heating system would cause such problems but it did! Anyway the short of it is that I'm not too impressed with the whole situation and cold feet's setting in, my little pun there!

I wish I had a magic wand or something! now, that would be neat. I'd have worn it out by now. My first wish would be to cure all of you and me of course! and my second would be to move into a beautiful new home without all the work. Well, that ain't 'gonna' happen is it? So dream on..... How much can a person take, but then I am very patient but it's wearing thin, I can tell you!

The highlight of the day is watching the postman run for his life down the pathway and then leap over the gate. I must be sick, but it's entertaining none the less. My daughter shakes her head in disgust and really feels for the man. Is this what being at home reduces you to, a sick sadistic woman who laughs at the unfortunate, or a righteous daughter who knows better than me. I don't know maybe it is me after all!

This place is fast becoming a sanctuary for unwanted animals. We already have 9 geese, 2 cats, a dog, and, soon 3 goats! We have another promised but no one dare get near it. My husband's talking sheep, I want a Llama! My daughter wants away, who can blame the kid? Two crazy parents and no proper home. I guess she's a case for the social services, but I'm sure she loves us deep down!

Time for some mother, daughter therapy I think! The first thing I'll do is get her up from her nice warm bed, that'll go down like a lead balloon, and than I'll take her into town on the bus if she can lower herself to stand at the bus stop without letting her hair blow all over the place, now that would be my fault as well! Perhaps I'll just leave her to rest, by all accounts it's the safest option today. I'll just keep myself busy doing what I do best. Watching the postman .......


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