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Too Thin To Notice!



What do you do when your clothes don't fit

Too baggy, too big, need taking in a bit

I can't find any pants to adhere to my figure

Not much difference from when I was bigger

For then my excuse for a perfect fit

Was a size more comfy and an extra bit


Now I'm left with the smallest rail

With clothes marked petite on sale

And there begins my shopping mission

Something less daring to fit my condition.

You see I wasn't always a size so thin

And clothes I couldn't always get in


People walk by me so what about that!

Friends I once knew when I was fat

And though they say that I'm a new me

Behind the mask is what they don't see

I didn't lose weight for vanity or stealth

I had no choice wih my failing health


So now I'm so thin it's really a bore

When all the nice clohes don't fit anymore

Too skimpy, too short, it don't cover my back

That dress is so large it would look like a sack

Those trousers are massive I'd look like a clown

I'd need huge braces so they wouldn't fall down


A shadow of my former self, I guess I always wanted to be

A little more accepting in today's society

But it ain't no fun being skinny, I'm sure everyone knows

That shopping isn't funny when you can't find the right clothes!'


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