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Touching Spring With My Fingertips!



Watching one of my geese nestle down in the corner of the yard, birds singing for all their worth. I'm beginning to think that spring may be lurking in the shadows waiting to make an entrance some time soon. That brings me a certain sense of relief. The winter has been extremely long, cold and unforgiving and my Raynaud's needs some respite. The coldness extended throughout the whole of last year. The building work stopped and everything looked bleak. No chance of moving on, stuck in hum drum as they say!


Finally, the day's are becoming longer and 5pm is no longer pitch black. The sun is much higher in the sky and when it does spread its rays, you can feel the warming glow. This morning is particulary spring-- like! Birds twittering and the sky looks a shade of blue. The buds on the trees are appearing and in some areas they've already bursted giving off a green haze. With all this activity, my goats are jumping around like lambs in the field and are becoming less reliant on food from us.


It's joyful to walk outdoors and smell the air. It's funny how the air changes from a damp squib to dry sweetness, a miracle of nature! I think you can probaby tell that spring happens to be my favourite time of year. I always feel like I'm looking ahead -- perhaps to a warm summer? -- instead of feeling like I'm grounded in a hole in the depth of winter. Everything bursts into life and I have the good fortune of being surrounded by nature at its very best. Soon the blossom will appear, the best feel good factor of all.


So the goose scratches around burying the egg she's just laid -- Mmmm pancakes for tea! Nothing tastes nicer than a new laid egg and goose eggs make the most wonderful custards, pancakes and omelettes. There will be more to follow and those ones I'll leave for hatching purposes. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a mother and her goslings parading the yard. They really have the Awww! factor.


I feel like I'm touching spring with my fingertips. Goodbye winter -- Good riddance too!


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