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Peace In The Country?



Time to put the box marked "Proud" under the bed and do what's right! Last night I laid my case for a contractor to come and fix my fences. It's gone way beyond a money thing and way beyond having enough time to do the job. This job became urgent yesterday and I simply refused to play games of catch-me-if-you-can! with my goats for a second day. My hubby and I had words. I never moan about my illness, maybe I should but it's times like this that make my hubby realise that if I'm complaining about my condition, then perhaps something should be done. I could hardly move my neck last night. I was nauseous and very craggy. My case was very strong and I think he got the message loud and clear!


Earlier in the day I'd contacted several companies regarding fencing. In the end it was down to a local guy who actually came out straight away and gave us a price. After some deliberation and much persuasion from yours truly, my hubby picked up the phone and relented. I'm more than pleased to say he's coming on Wednesday to fence the entire area we marked out.


Today, although damp, is looking much brighter. It's fair to say that the goats have, so far, decided to behave themselves. I'm licking my wounds and just when I thought it was safe to relax, a huge truck pulled up at my gate. sounding its horn and setting off the peaceful tranquillity of resting goats, nesting geese and one stupid dog. A man stood with a file waving like he was drowning at sea and shouting "HORSES!"


"Oh No!" How much more could a woman take, but wait a minute -- we don't have horses! This one wasn't my problem until he said that they were racing towards my field and the police had secured them up at the top, in my top field, so now it was my problem!


A huge sigh and with hands in air -- I give up! Not only had I been chasing my escapees all day yesterday, I was about to start chasing someone else's. Am I an unpaid gamekeeper or something? Hey! Do they realise that my condition does not allow Olympic style jogging or sheepdog trialling! I'd barely finished my enteral feed when I'm off like a turbocharged engine, either that or this is pretty good stuff! I never ran like this off the other nutritional feed -- perhaps my dietitian has prescribed zoom juice. Whatever it is, I'm like a highly charged whippet!


It took some explaining the fact that I do not own any horses. The policeman, who looked a bit like Ricky Gervais, wittily quipped, "Well you do now!"


Very funny, but somehow I do not think he realised the sort of day I had yesterday -- I felt like knocking his hat off!


I snapped back with "If you could catch criminals as fast we'd all live in a safer place!"


I do not think he appreciated my humour but the way I felt I couldn't have cared less. A run in with the law would just about top the week off, but pardon me it's only Tuesday! What else lies in store for me I wonder?


The phone rang just as I was shoving one of the goats' heads back outside trapping its horns in the door! "Blaaaaghh! --Neeeegggh! was the noise. It happened to be my legal eagle enquiring about my health. She was laughing out loud listening to the mayhem and even remarked upon how funny the situation sounded down the phone. All that coupled with the constant honking of a solitary goose, sounded like I was in the middle of an animal sanctuary!


"The government want some sick and disabled people to go back in to work," I commented. "I can't wait for them to come knocking!" to which she roared with laughter!


"You're a tonic!" she said


"I'm chronic, more like!" was my reply


Situation under control and peace returns to the country. The horses are back with their rightful owners. The police have gone back to the layby to eat their sandwiches -- see I do take notice! The goats are under the tree -- hopefully! The dog has worn its bark out, and the geese sit serenely on their nests.


Give me strength.


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