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Bad Hair Day!



I'm not the prettiest sight in the mornings. To say I resemble a 1970's Punk Rocker is no exaggeration -- hair stuck up in an electrifying pose, I could have easily spent the night with the goats and their electrically charged fence that now surrounds them -- he, he! can't help but laugh!


It was so funny when Apple, the smallest goat, touched her inquisitive mouth on the wire -- Zap! She jumped up in the air and ran off holding her mouth like she had an extremely bitter taste. The dog had a few shocks as well but being rather daft, it just kept going back for more!


The day looks like it's going to be a good one. With goats secured it means I can go out -- Yeah! but I'll have to sort my hair out first! My neck feels a little easier, my shoulder is now just a slight ache, that long soak in the bath tub did wonders. I was up bright and early, making a fire and making sure the family were up and about by 7am. My hubby fed the goats which saved me the job whilst my daughter scurried around in her room wondering what to wear. With a wardrobe and floor full of clothes how it can be a decision is anyone's guess. I have two sets of clothes. Jeans and jumper and jeans and jumper! One of each!


She goes to college like it's a fashion parade, and whilst I don't blame her for wanting to look smart, I do think that she overdoes it a bit -- you can now see why she doesn't do Wellington boots! Farm life for her is the worst possible scenario; hates the animal sounds in the morning, the dirt and the whole idea of outdoor life -- typical teen I'd say -- and partly our fault because she was brought up living in the Town where a walk to the shops meant you didn't need a car and the local school was within walking distance of our home. Her friends all lived in the same street and her bedroom was just how she liked it! Here she has to rely on me to drive her wherever she needs to go. Her friends are now far away and her current status is bedroom with huge hole opposite.


Of course things would be different if the farm was in good order. You can see the final outcome being one of grandeur. 22 acres of rolling countryside, a sweeping drive and a 5 bedroom house which is not overlooked by anyone else. This summer will hopefully fulfil the dream. There are numerous projects on order by tradesman. The drive being one and landscaping another. One of the jobs is being done today and that's ranch style fencing all round the perimeter. My Gran would have said, "You'll be swanking about after it's all done," meaning I'll be showing off, actually!


And I will be showing off, boasting, whatever you may call it. I've waited long and hard for this moment and when I mean hard I mean it! I've waited long enough, too, so if I do happen to boast -- cut me some cloth, wud ya!


Got a list as long as my arm. I'm sat here looking at it. All the things I couldn't get done because of my condition, and goats as well, desperately need attention today. I actually feel much better except for a nagging headache. First job is the washing and I wonder if you think how hard could that be with a washing machine? Well let me tell you, with a neck that won't swivel and a shoulder that won't move, it's nigh on impossible to load the washer.


Sat here long enough, time for action!


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