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Back To The Future!



Back To The Future -- Hey! -- Remember that film? I remember sitting in the cinema with my fella, who now happens to be my other half, marvelling at the special effects and tapping my toe to Power of Love -- Huey Lewis And The News, Wow! How long ago was that?


Memories whilst shopping with my daughter this morning came flooding back as I helped her choose accessories for an outfit she'll be wearing this weekend -- The 80's are back! Remember the leg warmers, baggy shirts, net gloves, beaded necklaces and hair so high you could get a radio reception? Oh yes, I remember those days only too well. My favourite top was a leopard print design and khaki pants. My hair was extremely curly and I had every colour of beaded necklace you could buy.


My mum used to scornfully nag, "You're not going out like that are you?" as did other mums no doubt. The 80's were a bit weird in the fashion sense and I can't believe how stupid I must have looked copying the outfit of Olivia Newton John or going out like an early Madonna round the social scene in town. Back then Madonna looked older than me, these days she looks a whole lot younger. Do you think there is something about having got lots of money or is she just a natural ageless wonder?


I've kind of been there and done that! if you know what I mean but I was a great help to my daughter when she tried to recreate the look! If I look back, the only thing that has changed is me. I now look like my mother did back then and that's a bit scary. I remember my dad sitting in the front room, not saying a word but glancing me up and down. I see Steve doing that but he usually has an input. "What on earth is that supposed to be? Get something warm on!"


Reminiscing is such a great thing. I've just waved my daughter off at the gate as she sped up the hill with her driving instructor. It's almost déjà vu, just like I did in the 80's. And the music is so similar, dare I say she loves Duran Duran and Lionel Ritchie. It's scary when she knows all the words to the Pet Shop Boys -- West End Girls! even more scary when you don't.


I guess I'll have to rummage through my record collection, buy something to play them on and then rummage through some old clothes I'm sure I still have. I know I have the beads in an old drawer!


This old material girl is dusting off her trinkets!


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