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Pampered Pooch



What do you do when some well meaning soul knocks on your door returning your pooch with a sweet shampooed smell. To say I was a bit confused was no exaggeration! Our daft dog that runs amock chasing geese, the postman and just about anything that moves, was treated to a salon style makeover by a passer by who saw her asleep under a tree in the field.


The morning had started unusually quiet. The goats were standing without noise in their pen. The geese were on their nests and we presumed that the dog was asleep in the barn, well where else would she be? It was around 2pm, I know that because I was about to go out, when a guy turned up in a big white van.


"Have you lost a dog?" He asked My mind was pretty blank. We hadn't actually lost our dog, because we didn't know she was missing.


"What kind of dog?" I asked with the most stupid of questions. "We have a small Jack Russell Terrier."


The man smiled and nodded."What colour is it may I ask?"


"Well it's brown and white and answers to Lucy," I said even more bewildered.


"Is this yours?" as he produced my dog from the van.


By then I was extremely confused. She was gleamingly clean like she'd had a lick of paint, but was none the less happy to see me. I can honestly say that no one has ever taken one of my animals home, fed and bathed it before! I cheekily offered him my goats as well. I should have offered him my cat too and asked him to come back next week when Lucy will have rolled around in the goose poo a few times and swum in the pond more than once.


What else could I do but thank him?. What does one do in a situation like this? Lucy came indoors parading around in her new shiny coat -- no doubt she'd go and jump straight into the little stream as soon as she was let free. My husband joked, "Are you sure it's our dog?"


This morning she was up and around the yard barking at the other animals and chasing my car down the drive. I think the postman would have been eternally grateful to the guy who dognapped our pooch, if he hadn't brought it back at all. Fact is she's a farm dog, won't stay indoors and certainly won't be pampered. Stranger still is that my goats have behaved themselves, even though they find the electric fence no challenge at all!


"Watch this" said the farmer who put the fence up. "They'll not stray now" First through the fence was Apple followed by Lilac, Max, Bertha, and Paddy! -- "Oh!" he said "Perhaps not!"


My daughter was bitten by the gander. My car has been damaged, I do not know how. My dad is in hospital and I cannot control my bowels -- is it any wonder? An eventful weekend don't you think?


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