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The Fire Is So Delightful!

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Just when you thought it safe to announce Spring, Winter returns with snow and ice! The geese are quite confused. Strange sight looking at a nesting goose when all you can see is an orange beak against a snowy background.


My Raynaud's is just loving it. If there were Oscars for the greatest appearances then mine would be awarded for the most prestigious I'm sure? I can't actually remember a day gone by without at least one attack, with the exception of my longed for vacations in Crete which feel ever more inviting as the days of winter drag on. I'm so cold that even if I perched directly over the fire I'd still be shivering!


It's totally not safe to put away my thermal vests yet. I seem to shiver whenever I think about it! There's no doubt that this last winter has been the longest and harshest of all for years. I honestly think it began last June -- question is, When will springtime begin?


All the signs are there. The little buds on the hedgerow, geese laying, grass growing and birds singing sweetly, not to mention the days are getting longer. It was quite light at 6am this morning. I couldn't help notice the white cast on the roof of my car and with one toe out of bed I realised that there had been quite a severe frost overnight.


I thought we'd done with scraping ice off the windscreen. I thought that driving my daughter to college with heater on full blast and sensible driving speeds were a thing of the past for this year. I also wondered why most cars travelling in the opposite direction were full of snow. All became apparent as I listened to the local radio station announce that there was heavy snow falling in the next town. I could see the sky was full and I was heading into it! Thankfully I never hit the snow, it was moving much faster than I was, but I was relieved nevertheless to get home and mighty glad that I didn't get caught up in a snowstorm.


It's times like this that I really miss not being able to eat a hot meal. Hot drinks just don't hit the spot when you feel cold through to the bone. Overall I don't think I've done too badly having escaped the winter flu virus and all manner of ailments that seem to keep circulating the area. It's amazing really since I'm prone to collecting every nasty bug that's ever been known, not to have been laid up once. I'm not complaining, I'm actually boasting that I came through unscathed!


Log fire cracking and spitting and my face all red down one side. I'm bracing myself for another trip outdoors -- my daughter's college. Shame to leave such a good fire but when needs must....

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