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The sun comes out and it reminds me of where I ought to be! My mind starts thinking about Crete and little butterflies begin fluttering around. I'm tempted to press the button marked "Book" as I browse the tour company website, only the thought of things more urgent forbid me to go ahead and do it!

It's like I have a naughty gremlin sat on my shoulder "Go on -- do it, press the button, give Raynaud's a rest" whilst on the other shoulder my conscience says "Don't you dare." I'm tempted and my fingers anxiously hover over the keys, but my conscience gets the better of me and the laptop is switched off out of sight.


My stint on the radio calmed my ambitions a little this morning. I arrived at the station a little early sporting new headphones which I purchased myself. The regular DJ was off sick so a new one stood in her place. He wasn't exactly new, I know him which made the broadcast much easier. I was asked to learn the board, which roughly means they want me to do an entire show on my own! I don't know if I'm ready for that yet, it all seems rather complicated to me.


I stood with blank expression as he pointed to every little switch and every song on the play list. It became a complete blur at times and in the back of my mind I was thinking -- "This is too much for me to take in." I'm not exactly computer literate so to ask me to perform such tasks is like learning to read and write all over again. I'll give it a go -- They don't know what they've let themselves in for, do they?


I have a million things to do today and I realise I haven't fulfilled any of them as yet! I need to go to the bank, pick my daughter up, see my Aunt, visit my Dad and go shopping. It's 1.30pm and not a pot washed as they say! My goats are chewing in the field and the geese give an occasional honk! The dog is elsewhere but quiet for a change. I suppose this is the part where I make the decision to go out, or perhaps not! Either way I ain't getting anything done and that will never do.


Decision made! I'm off out before I book a holiday to Crete -- Oooh! the temptation is killing me!


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