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What would you be doing on a Sunday afternoon -- putting dinner in the oven, going for a nice drive in the car, even relaxing with a book or a soppy film on TV? Oh no not me! I'm putting beams back up in the kitchen, painting the ceiling and having one of those "If you won't do it -- I will" moments. I was venting my anger at hubby who without saying a word got out his hammer drill and blew off the cobwebs!


The weather was appalling and not fit to do anything structural outside. Not phased by another seemingly wasted day, I started moaning about the kitchen and the unfinished ceiling, not to mention the lighting above the cooker which was permanently disabled because there was nowhere for it to terminate. To say it was like cooking dinner in a cave is probably a good way to express it.


The kitchen had been left unfinished for almost 3 years, with wires hanging from a ceiling by a hair. My nagging finally paid off when I jumped up, grabbed a paint brush and manoeuvred 6 heavy oak beams into the room all numbered and ready to go back to their original place. For fear of making a mess, my hubby got the point and relented. It took a full afternoon but now I'm more than thrilled to say that I actually have a kitchen fit for a queen with bright lights which now show dust in places I never knew I had. I no longer have to rely on Braille to read my cook books or remove pans from the hob and place under the central light to know when a meal is cooked properly. In fact I need sunglasses and sun lotion under those lights and I never realised my hubby was so bald, not to mention the true colour of the cat!


No more expeditions in the cupboards or hunting for a utensil in a drawer that's been out so many times it's hardly worth putting back! My domain is probably the kitchen and now it's finally the kitchen of my dreams.

Now I realise that the only way to finish this house is to threaten my hubby with my DIY skills -- now where did I put that builder's trowel? I may even fill the cement mixer tomorrow, you never know!


I'm so tired that bed seems so inviting. Two jobs completed this week. Roses round the door seems a likely prospect sooner rather than later!

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