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I hate going shopping and with good reason too

I can't think of anything I'd much rather do

For once a pleasure, a womans perogative they say

Is now just pure torture on a cold blustery day


To stand at the stall grasping your purse

Perish the thought there's nothing worse

With hands like ice and fingers so numb

It's hardly a wonder I'm looking so glum


The pain unrelenting no relief will commence

Fiddling with coins and dropping the pence

Got rid of the purse with the horrible clasp

But still have a problem with coins I can't grasp


I feel so clumsy that much is true

I get odd looks when I'm in a queue

A wave of embarrasment whilst waiting to pay

I'm sure they are saying "We haven't got all day"


Fingers frozen, feet like ice

A hot drink would be nice

But I can't go to the cafe coz I can't walk any more

The walk is too far and my feet are too sore

My hands are just throbbing and home is so far

I think I'll get back to my warm little car


Standing frustrated--- "Oh silly me"

I don't know which pocket I put my key

With fingers so white I can't feel at all

And then all bags on the floor they fall

With onions rolling and out come my wares

A man beside me just looks and stares


A shoppng nightmare and all too surreal

That's how a normal day for me woud feel

I'm really no use when my fingers are dead

It affects my whole body and even my head

I act so stupid, folk think I'm dumb

Surprising what happens when your fingers are numb


Finally home and so grateful I feel

Driving the car without feeling the wheel

It's even a challenge to open the door

And I'm not going out any more!


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