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Learner Driver!



Yuck! Just made myself a rotten horrible coffee, or is it my taste buds that are not up to it this morning. I really should get out of the habit -- get up, kettle on, coffee!


I'm sat here in dressing gown and slippers waiting fer her majesty to rise, for she has spoken! "Mum will you take me to the shops?" The shops being of the clothing type, in the next town and accessible only by car.

Oh how I wish she was more advanced with her driving; truth is and she'd kill me for sure if I told you -- she's not very good! She's had 10 lessons on the road. I thought that she'd at least be able to stop the car safely -- I thought wrong. The fact that she drove from the local shop in 2nd gear and then raced up the hill towards my home with me pinned back in my seat, like I was flying supersonically! And when she slammed on the brakes at the gate I almost had whiplash, leads me to believe that either she's not ready for the open road or the instructor needs a good dose of my scorn.


Her skill as a driver leaves a lot to be desired. My hubby keeps asking "When are you putting in for your test?" My daughter just sulks and walks away! No wonder really. Of course the episode with the terror ride from the shop was somehow my fault as always with teenagers! I didn't tell her to find her biting point on the clutch, actually I was more concerned about the brake! I kept trying to explain that when you need to stop it's not always instantly. You can if you wish, slow down, use the gears and foot brake, but oh no, slam on the brakes, stall the car, get out and sulk. My days as a copilot are over -- better confront Mr Driving Instructor!


I'll be driving to the next town of course. My daughter thinks it's "Ace" that I can park almost in front of the shops. The only thing is, I use my disabled badges for the cause and although great for me, it's not so "Hip" for Steph. "Take em off Mum, that's Phil over there and he's with his mates and Oh no there's Katie somebody or other---Quick hide"


I'm not ashamed of using my badges but I find myself cowering and looking the other way -- Hold on what am I doing? Those badges are for my benefit -- like it or lump it they're staying and I don't care what Steph's friends may think!


No doubt we'll be coming home with bags upon bags of stuff -- all hers I might add! If I hear "I've got nothing to wear for this weekend," I'll scream. Her wardrobe is bursting and she's got drawers that won't close. I have all her cast off clothes in my room and there's no more room in my wardrobe for mine and Steve's clothes. In fact Steve's clothes are folded and stacked on a chair which caused a minor row last week when he opened the wardrobe door and several items of clothing fell out.


I have to admit that we only have the bare minimum furniture. I refuse to buy good stuff or more of it until the house is finished. Steph has one single wardrobe, we have one double so it's easy to outgrow. Never the less the clothing problem grows each week with Steph wanting something new to go out in, and before I condemn my daughter's interest in clothing, I have to look back to my teens and Yep! I was just like that too.


Back to the driving. I shan't be letting her loose behind the wheel today. My nerves have just recovered from yesterday. I've never approached my home like a guided missile before or ever sat next to a squadron leader. It was a wonder she managed to stop 1cm from the gate without hitting it. I think I'll drive into town and show her how it's really done. With clothes on her mind it will be in one ear and out the other!


Back to the drawing board I think!


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