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Friday The 13th

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Several cups of coffee later, seems to be doing the trick! I feel almost human, perhaps a little hyper but I've made it through the first half of the day with limited energy and blank expression. I never made it to the radio station, I had other pressing business to attend to. With panic over and a minor problem sorted I can now sit down and reflect upon the day.


It never occurred to me that it is in fact Friday 13th! Perhaps this may have something to do with my inability to run my life to schedule today. I feel pretty bad that I let the radio station down but I just didn't have the time in the end and family comes a firm first! My daughter commanded the early part of the day -- on placement at a nearby retirement home! My Aunt needed my help at the bank, not easy when she can't sign her name or speak properly on account of a stroke she suffered 10 years ago. It's pretty hard for me to remember her actual year of birth and because she no longer has any viable ID, I knew the whole situation would be quite difficult.


I didn't feel my absolute best -- I think you have to look businesslike whenever you want something from the bank. Tracing an old account was going to be difficult even if she had ID but having none at all except one sheet of paper with her name and address upon it and only limited speech was going to be nigh on impossible in my book. Well, we sat in the little office waiting to see someone. The script was going through my mind -- how was I going to explain this one? She has a small pension, doesn't know where it's going, we think here! Doesn't know how much is in the account, it hasn't been used for over 10 years and we had no idea of account numbers. I'd have said right then that locating the account was going to be a foregone conclusion!


In walked a young lady no older than my daughter and I began to explain. I could tell by the look on her face that we were going nowhere fast so I decided right there and then that I wasn't going anywhere until we had her money and her account details. Perseverance wasn't going to be my best attribute today and I think she sensed that because she gathered all the information and wandered off for what seemed like ages, returning with several sheets of paper and a sly smile. I was amazed to learn that I'd achieved the impossible. My knowledge of her past life matched everything they held on her.


My Aunt left the bank with a huge lopsided smile and was so overjoyed that the twinkle she once had in her eye returned. My good deed for today was achieved from an impossible situation and almost a dream. I've woken up since then in the satisfaction that at least one member of my family is happy on Friday the 13th!

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