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I Wish It Was Summer!



I heard that the summer is over, on the news today

I wish that spring was beginning and summer on it's way

No more sitting in the garden or wearing skimpy gear

The jumper's out of the cupboard, now the cold weather is here

The nights are slowly drawing in and the howling winds blow

I might as well just get undressed and go to bed like an Eskimo

My hot water bottle round my feet, my socks and a chocolate drink

I'll take a good book with me and under the covers I sink.


I hear a noise from the kitchen, it's hubby opening every door

He had a huge dinner tonight, but he's still looking for more

His stomach must be a bottomless pit as I hear a scream of delight

He'd found a piece of home made pie that was hidden out of sight

Every door was banging, the TV was playing top note

The geese were all squawking and so was the goat

He'd woken every animal and every living thing

And to make matters worse, the phone began to ring

"My Dear" he shouted up the stairs, "this phone call is for you"

So out I got of my nice warm bed, what else could I do?

I answered the phone with caution, I always do this time of night

Stood there in my pyjamas I looked a proper sight


When the phone call ended, I wandered back to bed

But my hubby had other ideas going round in his head

He was getting out the saucepan, with sausages and beans

He was having just a little snack by each and any means

"Please don't eat beans my dear, not before you retire

Your stomach will not stand it, your bowels will be on fire

And I'll be the one to suffer when you decide to blow

And out the bed I'll jump again and out the room I'll go"


I wish there was a cure for insomnia, it's the winter to blame

Because going to bed in the wintertime just isn't the same

Is it I go too early, well I can't stay up late

There's nothing on the TV except the soaps I hate

And then there's my hubby with his ice cold knobbly feet

Getting in beside me and taking all the heat

I wish it could be summer the whole year through

And savour every moment instead of feeling blue


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