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Raynaud's Limericks

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I'm turning into quite a fidget

Trying to get blood to my digit

My finger's gone white

My hand looks a sight

I think I might need a widget


My toes are feeling quite numb

I can't even feel my thumb

I moan quite a lot

They're the only ones I've got

No wonder I'm looking so glum


I look so silly in clothes

All you can see is my nose

With one woollen hat

What do you think about that?

And thick socks to warm up my toes


At night I sit by the fire

The flames jump higher and higher

No one can get near

When I'm sitting here

Won't move until I perspire. (Which is never.)


My skin is constantly blue

What would anyone do

People don't understand

That my fingers on hand

Are the same as my toes in my shoe


I really am quite rare

They tell me that I share

A strange little name

And you have the same

And I don't think it's fair


They call it scleroderma -- what?

A name that is easily forgot

They told me a lot

Just what I had got

But I couldn't remember it not


And I have Raynuad's as well

I guess you could probably tell

I have no circulation

Go white on occasion

If anyone's buying -- I'll sell!


I guess the gist of the matter

Is to remain as mad as an hatter

For humour gets me through

What else can I do

I have nothing else left to flatter!

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