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Must get a wall for that hole! The whole situation has gone way beyond a joke. It's mid March and I'm still waiting. This never ending house renovation is finally telling on my nerves. An adventure it is not, a pain in the backside is surely is! If I hear one more goose honk at he bottom of my stairs -- I'll shoot the thing! Being close to nature is one thing -- nature being close to us is quite another.


I have little birds fluttering around like I'm living in some kind of aviary. They build their nests in the rafters and then poo all over the place. There is an old saying "Muck for luck!" Believe me it's not true because if it was I'd have won the lottery several times by now! The March winds are playing havoc with the building. The blast of air you get in a morning almost knocks you off your feet. It's a wonder how we've survived one of the toughest winters for years virtually unscathed. I said to myself last week, "If you want it doing love -- do it yourself!" or words to that effect! I feel like filling the cement mixer and grabbing the trowel!


We've simply outgrown the two rooms in which to live. The kitchen and living room are the only rooms of normality. The kitchen by far is the best; the front room is okay if you don't look up -- the ceiling is unfinished. We have no central heating system and my hubby has burned a forest this winter on the log burner that continuously belches smoke from the chimney. I'd throttle anyone who scorned me about the environment -- one of my pet hates at the moment!


Supermarkets are guilty of trying to make me feel guilty! They package everything in plastic and then lecture me at the checkout if I don't use my own bag and choose one of theirs. It infuriates me and almost earned me a round of applause one day when I arrived at the checkout, was about to pay for my items, and the checkout girl asked if I needed bags? Well I couldn't put the stuff in my pockets could I? I answered "Yes" and she began a rehearsed script about how they were going to phase out plastic carrier bags and make us use our own, environment friendly she said!. At that point she tried to sell me a biodegradable bag in favour of the supermarkets own free ones! I shook my head and said "When supermarkets stop packaging everything in plastic, I'll buy an earth friendly bag"


There was nodding all round and I thought that other customers were about to cheer. She rummaged under the counter and produced the carrier bags without another word. So me and this environmental issue stuff don't get along. Sure, I worry about the planet, but it's someone higher up also needs to get their act together, not just me. I could argue my case for and against all day. I reckon I do my bit in my own way!


The wind is howling this morning and I have a lovely colour in each finger -- Blue happens to be my favourite! I'm contemplating making the fire and looking at the pile of logs by the fireside. My carbon footprint must be huge, but when needs must, I have to keep warm. With a great hole in my wall --- do you blame me?

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