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The Garden



Sunday Morning, perfect day for doing whatever you wish and might I add it's the perfect weather to do it also! Spring has certainly hit town this morning and I feel light as a feather -- who said that? Ah yes, Mr Scrooge! Well I share that feeling with him. Blue sky, sun shining, birds singing, are you getting the picture? I've been waiting for the daffodils to burst open, to me that's the first sign of Spring. It makes me want to get out there, roam the fields like in the Sound of Music, only I won't be singing, I'll spare nature that and leave it to the birds!


I have so many things in my head. I'm late putting my seeds in, tomatoes being one of them! There's nothing tastes nicer than a freshly plucked home grown tomato and it immediately takes me back to my childhood. Of course these days it's just the aroma when you touch the plant that sets my heart racing.

My granddad used to grow greenhouses full of tomatoes and cucumber! I have to admit that cucumber was never my favourite! I used to sit in the warmth whilst granddad picked all the little red tomatoes. Fact is I probably ate more than he had collected -- they tasted so good.


They don't taste the same these days. My granddad used proper manure not the sort out of a plastic bucket. He put chicken in the greenhouse in winter to scratch the ground and fertilise it and then in February he took wheelbarrow loads of dung and spread it all over the ground. Phoarh! it stunk so much.

Nevertheless come summer we had so many plants with this fantastic tomato smell filling the air. People came from miles around -- you have never tasted better believe me!


His greenhouses were Victorian, half brick and half glass. He had pipes all around which ran from a coal fired heater. He grew a grape vine and all manner of exotic plants. Whilst most kids in the 60's didn't know what a melon or a capsicum was, I'd had them and knew what they were all about. He grew most things veg. Carrots, potatoes, cabbages, cauliflower, onions, raddish, lettuce, peas -- oh peas! I'd sit in the garden popping pods of peas like eating sweets, they were so sweet.


Kids today can sit at their computers and we can say we never had anything like that when we were kids! We weren't so fortunate to have all this technology. But I think life was much better then and memories are much nicer when you remember the old folk and how life really was. I think we were the lucky ones!


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