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Can't Believe It!



One of my pet hates is surely a trip the the bank! I can't stand being told where to put my money -- our money I should say! How is it that when you have a deposit over a certain amount, you suddenly need a financial advisor? The very fact you have an amount to invest, surely proves that you don't need someone to tell you how to do it! So when I went to the bank this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was wait in a small room until someone I didn't really want to have a conversation with burst in with an armful of paper under one arm and a laptop in the other! "Sorry," he said as he fumbled and juggled.


He sat down opposite and assumed that my cheque was going to be handed to him with a handshake. I held my handbag tightly, squeezing it every time he mentioned a long term investment. Fact is I just wanted to put it in our account to pay for all the building work planned for summer!


Why is it that I have a story to tell whenever I hit town? How can a situation like this give me anything to write about? Well as I sat facing this man, listening to his advice, he suddenly heaved and vomited in front of me! I was in a state of shock, not half as much as he obviously was and what do you do in a situation like this?


I felt so sorry for him as he sat with a red face and making apologies. Did I have that much of an impact on him that he was sick? or was it that I decided to stick it in a normal account, least ways I felt very guilty and wanted to hand him the cheque to make him feel better.


I left the bank after this sickly man decided to call it a day. I'm sure he couldn't have cared if I'd took the money out in cash and spent it on a once in a lifetime holiday or given it to the local cats' home! Anyhow I did neither, I just stuck it in our account and left!


I went to the market after that. I saw a little stall which sold garden equipment and on it was a spade and a fork which was very reasonably priced. Since hubby had broken the spade and bent the fork, I reckon we needed new ones, so I bought them. Fortunately it was only a short walk to my car and I giggled to myself when a man with a sense of humour shouted "Hi, Ho!" as I passed by.


I was quite happy to get home. I was missing a lovely day! My daffodils are out so it's officially Spring, but I can't get that man at the bank out of my head. I thought that I was the only one who could vomit in public, I'm quite relieved to know that this could actually be normal! Poor man, poor bank, poor me now I'm financially a bit lighter!


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