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Speaking To Strangers



"Are those big white ducks yours?" asked a lady this morning as I posted a letter at the local post office.


"No, I don't have ducks," I answered.


"Yes you do, you live in the bottoms don't you -- have goats as well."


"Erm, yes I do live in the bottoms but those ducks you're on about are geese!"


"Thought so -- Are you rebuilding that place?"


I was in a hurry to get Steph to college, the last thing I needed was to prove justification to a complete stranger but of course not being the type to seem standoffish, I told her that we were trying to bring the place back to its former glory. I didn't feel too good either. A visit to my doctor yesterday evening proved that I had an infection around my PEG site and he gave me antibiotics. My sole ambition was to get to college and home as quickly as possible but somehow geese always get in the way!


I cut the conversation short as I hurried back to the car. My daughter asked who I was talking to and when I said that I didn't know, she scorned me with a reminder from her childhood about not speaking to strangers -- funny how kids bring back those little flippant warnings.


It's a grey day, far removed from the blue skies of yesterday. I went outdoors without a jacket and then realised I shouldn't have. I spent the whole journey to college with the heater on full. There's an old saying. "Ne'er cast a clout till May is out." I was victim to that this morning.


I had a strange number -- missed call -- on my mobile when I got home. I'm tempted to call it back but what I didn't need was a Double Glazing salesmen or the news that I'd won an exotic holiday to somewhere I never wanted to go. I reckon if it was urgent they'd call me back!


My fire is looking a bit pathetic and not giving out much heat! I didn't think we'd need the fire as much since the weather was as warm a Crete yesterday and the day before -- imagine that! As warm as Crete. I bet it won't be in a couple of months though. I'm hoping that we actually get a summer this year in more ways than one. I don't think I could stand another year like the last one and I'm beginning to sound so negative! I must look forward and be positive for a change. This house will be finished, my drive will look a million dollars, I will have huge gates, and more importantly no hole in my wall!


I've just planted my peas and sown my tomatoes, next I'll sow the carrots. I'm waiting for my greenhouse to be finished, guess it will be weekend before I can play with my new toy. There's something satisfying about growing your own veg although patience is needed especially when you can't remember what you put in and where! It's always a surprise in the end, thinking that those beans are actually peas and the cauliflower is really a cabbage. I know what an experienced gardener, or indeed anyone with a bit of the old grey matter would say, "Label the plants in rows." Well it's pretty obvious really but I must admit I like the suspense.


I've sown 100 tomato plants "What are we going to do with all those?" said hubby "We can only fit 6 plants in the greenhouse."


I hadn't really thought about that but I remarked "We'll have to get another greenhouse then," to which hubby huffed, shook his head and went outdoors. Must have been something I said. I don't exactly have green fingers -- blue ones to be exact and since my fingers are so cumbersome and not a bit dexterous any more, it will be one **** of a job trying to single them all out when they come through. Goodness knows how I'll be able to pick the seedlings up and place them in another pot -- 6 plants is probably all I will get out of 100 in any case.


Time is getting on and I've got loads to do today. Better go and feed the ducks -- er, sorry, geese!


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