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Fairy Story!



"It's freezing mum!" My daughter walked into the room with a yawn and still in pyjamas. She shivered, rubbed her eyes and asked what we'd be doing today. There was only one thing on her mind and that was shopping. True there was a frost early dawn. My hubby moaned as he got out of bed, in fact he's moaned all week -- he has gout! I feel sorry for him as he limps around with a toe which is inflamed and swollen; it does look very sore!


He won't tolerate pity, won't ask for help and will not go to the doctor, so what can you do to help him? I read somewhere that cranberry and pomegranate juice is good for gout; also blueberries. I made a trip to the local supermarket and bought those items in the hope that they might work. He's spent the entire night on the toilet and the result is a total bowel clean out and an even painful toe with the amount of to and froing he did -- so much for my natural remedy then!


I'm not saying he's soft, in fact quite the opposite, but he does moan a lot more than I would I'm sure. I've never had gout but I feel like I have, wincing every time he does and Arghh - ing! each time he screams. It's like a comic book. Me with my infected tube site, him with a sore toe and Steph has a cold! The whole family is "Unclean" -- put an X on the door!


My daughter reminds me that the fire has not yet been made. My life mirrors that of Cinderella, but I'm not saying that the rest of the family are the ugly sisters. The only difference between me and Cinders is that the shoe never fitted and my Prince never came to whisk me away -- what a thought! So for now it's back to the fire grate. Thankfully, I don't have to rub two sticks together but the rest is hard enough anyway.


So before we freeze to death, my quest this morning is wood for the fire. Happy Days!


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