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Mum's Day!



"Lazy Sunday Afternoon!" except it's morning. Today is special, it's Mothers day in the UK! Of course it's not quite the same now that Steph has grown up -- I miss the morning awakening; her excitedly jumping on my bed with a huge box of choccies or a bunch of flowers. Nowadays it's more "Here, Mum" and a card with a smile. If I'm lucky, I'll receive a box of chocolates or a CD of an artist both my hubby and Steph like, ever heard of N Dubz? -- no, me neither, but I know who they are now and guess whose room they're in in a CD rack? I drew a line under that one when I learned my hubby and Steph liked a particular group this year who drive me mad each time they appear on TV, aggravated Rap I call it, in your face and can't tell a word they say!


This year is different because she's got me a massage treatment at the local beauty parlour. I reckoned that would be the cheapest for her as a make over would cost the earth. They'd need a construction company in to sort my face out! So sometime this week I'm off for a massage. I can't say I'm looking forward to it although the prospect sounds like the best thing for me at the moment. I saw one of the technicians leaving the shop as we passed by. I'm sure she's a female WF wrestler or into Sumo or something. If she's the masseuse, she'll no doubt put me in hospital by the end of the day--- Just my luck!


The day is looking quite nice. Perhaps a BBQ later "Barbeque?" I hear you say -- "In March?" Well why not? this could be as good as it gets this year if I compare with the previous. I can't see us sat out, more drawing straws who runs out to flip the burgers. It could be quite fun! I'll keep quiet and maybe I'll get away with being an onlooker.


The geese are in a funny mood this morning. I've seen feathers flying past the window -- there's trouble in camp! The dog's keeping well away and I don't blame her. I guess this Spring thing is having an effect on all the animals. We awoke yesterday to a very strange noise in the loft only to find a pigeon was looking for somewhere to nest. "Hoppit, matey." I thought, the last thing I wanted in my loft was a family of cooing pigeons! to add to honking geese and bleating goats.


My bath water is running. Steph is with the Brownies this morning as we, parents that is, receive presents from our little darlings. 10.30 am we assemble, so best clothes on and an early start -- well at least it isn't raining!


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