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Green Fingers

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My greenhouse is filling up with all manner of plants. I spend quite a lot of time in there with the excuse of warmth; in fact it's lovely to just potter around in a Raynaud's free environment for a couple of hours. My cucumbers are just peeping through but my tomato seeds are still sleeping -- I'd just love to dig one up and see if they've begun to split but that's my impatient side of nature and not my green-fingered one!


It's very blustery today and it rained earlier. The day looks more promising with blue skies over the horizon. The old saying "March, In like a lion out like a lamb!" I hope it's true? Fact is you can never tell these days if spring or even summer has begun because all the seasons are the same except winter is much colder! I can hardly remember when we had a really good summer, it must have been when we first began rebuilding the house and if it was then, that's 5 years ago!


I'm well underway with my usual day. Backwards and forwards, to my Dad's and to the college for my daughter. It's parents' evening tonight so I may just have enough time to sit down and relax once inside the college. Her report was outstanding -- see how I boast about that one! I can't ask any more of her. She's doing really well and I'm quite looking forward to the tutors' comments.


Ahhh! the sun. At this point I'm sat in the chair next to the window with the warmth beating through. I'm like a basking lizard -- recharging my batteries; in fact there was a documentary on TV last night about the hottest place on earth in Ethiopia. My daughter commented that it still wouldn't be hot enough for me -- I'd still need my jumper. She's probably right, I'm sure I'm the only person in Crete on the hottest day sat with my towel around me not daring to go into the pool and refusing cold drinks.


You'd think that by now I'd be as hard as nails and not feel the cold. I've had plenty of practice when you consider that my home is half finished and I still have a great hole in my wall. I'd defy anyone with or without Raynaud's to put up with my situation!


Well, in 10 minutes time I'm off on my travels. I've put my heavy boots on since I'm highly likely to get blown away in these gusts. I've begun putting on the layers; honestly people think I've put weight on when in fact I've lost a few more pounds recently. They reserve judgement now until I've stripped off my outer layers. I'd be a great participant for a slimming campaign, from hefty to zilch in minutes!


Okay, enough is enough, jumpers on, boots, scarf, jacket, gloves and a reluctant heart to go outdoors. Roll on summer -- I've said that before somewhere.

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